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Then, we have an all new app layout, that is clean and gives more space to read

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New version 0.2002.4 rolling out for Android and iOS. Main new feature is Private Messaging! 🎉

...installing alternative firmware nearly universally
1.) Increases privacy
2.) Increases device functionality
3.) Strikes a blow against the disgusting practice of planned obsolescence...
4.) ...thereby saving you money...
5.) ...and preventing environmental harm.

...which brings me to another point. Rockbox is an amazing piece of software for old MP3 players.

Last night I installed very recent software on an '06 Sansa (remember those?).

I am very impressed. Within minutes, I was exploring a Mandelbrot fractal and playing chess against my MP3 player. Rockbox comes with a dozen or so apps, and a similar amount of games

Computers should be able to compute anything (within hardware limits), even if they're cell phones or MP3 players.

Golly am I glad my definition of a cheap phone is a Samsung S5, running Lineage OS, without google.

Unlocking the bootloader essentially amounted to pressing a couple of buttons to confirm that "Yes, I'm aware this may damage my phone". It only took a couple of minutes. That's the way it should be.

On every device. Ever.

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UN employees are no longer allowed to use Whatsapp messaging due to security risks. Does sensitive data from your organization still float around on public chat apps? It's time for a fully on-premises solution that is integrated with your infrastructure.

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Want to make sure your #Nextcloud is accessible over a super secure channel? Try running it on an #Onion service! This script can help you get started.

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This is our regular shout-out / reminder to use an encrypted password manager!

We love KeePassXC! But any is better than none!

Create passwords that are impossible to remember because they are so strong and unique for every account.

Also store any of your secrets in there, not just passwords.

Use #Nextcloud or another sync tool to keep your password database connected to each of your systems.

#infosec #keepassxc #security #privacy

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Looking for a simple way to play your #music collection while avoiding the potential tracking when an #Android or #Apple mobile phone is connected via cable or bluetooth?

If your vehicle has a USB port, some cars allow you to plug in a memory stick with audio files. You can potentially store and play thousands of songs recorded from your CD, download or vinyl collection.

Organize your .ogg and .mp3 files by artist and album for an easy way to find your tracks.


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Spyware Discovered on All Samsung Phones

Samsung may have the highest-end options for hardware if you want an Android smartphone, but that hasn’t stopped them from making some questionable decisions on the software they sometimes load on it. Often these…

Original tweet :

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It you have a google account please help with reporting this as harmful and impersonating.

*DO NOT INSTALL* (except if you are a malware researcher 😉)

Fake F-Droid app, please report:

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We no longer need to imagine a world without privacy — we can simply look at China. 注册一个ProtonMail帐号来保护您的通信,使其不会遭到监视

Now even the FBI is warning about your smart TV’s security

My solution is an old laptop running Lubuntu with Kodi installed, hooked up to an old "dumb" TV. I beam videos to it with NewPipe and Kore, from @fdroidorg .

WebMediaShare, also from F-Droid, also worth mentioning.

Detailed blogpost about my setup coming soon.

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